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At long last I've got around to adding some of Les Barker's poetry and writing.

The first four examples are from the book Vodabone recently produced by Les Barker.
They cover a wide range of styles: Love, Anti-war and humour.

  1. The Missing Persons File Where did love go? And why did it come back again?
  2. Questions A controversial piece of writing - Les has had hate mail about this.
  3. Slow Food McDonalds? Oh no, this is not fast food.
  4. The Secret The secret of writing good poetry is revealed.
From his book Jack Spaniel's, here are three more poems chosen almost at random ... well actually they are the first two poems in the book (I'd only read those two when I first posted them here) and one from the middle of the book.

  1. The Road To Tomorrow Somehow this feels right for my personal life right now.
  2. Sex Is Better Than Poetry Les at his humourous best.
  3. The Turtle Find some unexpected rhymes for ocarina. Note: No turtles were injured as a result of the writing or the performing of this poem.
From his latest book which I just received, Rover The Rainbow, here are some more poems chosen at random.
  1. Disaster at Sea Mystery of sailing ship sinking - can you solve it?
  2. Red Kites Soaring birds and a meeting with ... who was that woman?
  3. Bert's a Plumber to the tune of "Pearl's a Singer".

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