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Love walked in unannounced - just came to call -
Left her coat and left her hat out in the hall,
She poured a glass of wine and found a chair
As if she'd never spent a day or night elsewhere;
Out of sight and out of mind for quite a while;
Then she walks out from the missing persons file.

And she whispered in my ear, so sweet and low,
In a language I can never hope to know;
She kissed me, and she took me by the hand
To a world that I will never understand
Where she showed with her improper sense of style
What this person had been missing for a while.

Just like so long ago, she's back again;
My hormones doing handstands in my brain,
I dream of all I thought I didn't need;
To all that I have learned I pay no heed.
There's reality back there; I'm in denial
Since Love came back from the missing persons file

Love walked in unannounced from who knows where,
Turned my life back upside down, then left me there.
I've a feeling that we've been this way before
And like last time, I won't do this any more.
Independence; that's the best way by a mile;
Love? I'll lose her in the missing persons file.

Les Barker - 2003