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Tune: Boithrin bui (the yellow road)

The road to tomorrow's a hard road to take;
It may lead us through sorrow for foolishness' sake;
And it twists and it turns, at first left and then right,
And there's many are lost in the darkness of night.

They stray from the path on the way through the trees,
For they think they may wander wherever they please,
But the road to temptation's down there in the wood
And it won't always lead you the way that it should.

The road out of evening that leads to the dawn
Can bless you with burdens that need to be borne;
For at sunset, the emptiest head may depart
And arrive the next morning the heaviest heart.

For which road's the right one? The wise cannot say,
Though both foolish and wise walk the distance each day;
For there's signposts to read, sage advice you may take
And there's fools you may heed and wrong turnings to make.

The road to tomorrow is one I know well
For I've walked it to heaven and walked it to hell;
I've walked it both happy and sad as can be
And I wonder if you'd care to walk it with me;

The road through the night to the morning is wide
So two may walk down it to dawn, side by side;
So come with me now down that road, hand in hand;
Let's be lovers forever in morning's bright land;
We'll be lovers forever in morning's bright land.

Les Barker - 2003