Morris dancing links

I belong to a Morris side called Red Stags. They dance "Border Morris", a style that originated in the borders of England and Wales. It has an emphasis on the down beat - originally it was probably danced in working boots. I claim little personal knowledge of the history of the Morris; I have neither studied nor researched it, I just enjoy dancing it. If you are interested in learning more about its history then follow the link to the Red Stag's web site below.

Originally the side was based in Southampton University and the majority of the side were either students, ex-students or as in my case a friend of a side member. Nowadays we have few, if any, members of the University although we would welcome any students who wish to join. We go out and dance quite frequently during the summer months both locally to Southampton and at far flung corners of the country, indeed we have the occasional trip to foreign countries.

The following links show stags dancing in various places, on their canal boat cruise at Easter 2002 and a link to the side's site.

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