Concorde Flight Profiles

The first two graphs show the height and speed of the flight based on pictures of the in-flight display. They are plotted against the time since the flight took off.

The next graph is based on data taken from the site . This site lets you track the planes arriving at and departing from JFK airport New York either in real time (delayed 10 minutes for security reasons) or replaying earlier flights. I went back to the take of of my flight on 29th September and noted the data until the flight was out of range. I actually changed 5 of the data values from the site as they would have required a significant vertical discontinuity of the flight path and replaced these values with "average" values from surrounding good data values. The values are plotted against the actual time recorded on the site - Eastern time.
The point at 25,500 feet is highlighted as this was where we went through the sound barrier.

Peter Sheil - 2003